Features, explained more detailed.


The coinsystem is quite easy, you get 100 Evercoins for every hour you spend on Everlike´s Teamspeak³.
You can check your Evercoin balance in your description or write "!balance" to Headless Everlike.
You can use your Evercoins to just flex, buy rights in the shop, or lose or gain coins in the lottery.
Boosters (x2; x3; x4; x5) will multiply the coins you gain by 2/3/4/5 for the time you have the associated servergroup.
You get these boosters from admins or mods for doing something good, or we may do some x2 coin weekends.

Faction System

Every user on Everlike´s Teamspeak³ is part of a faction, you can check your faction in your description or check your servergroups.
Faction members generate influence, the more influence you have, the more you are brought to be the leader of your faction.
If you want to change the faction, becouse you want to be in the same faction as your friends are or something like that,
just write an admin or supporter, but with a faction switch, you will lose your current influence.


The lottery is way to either lose or gain Evercoins.
The lottery is not always open, Everlike will open the lottery once or twice a week, but dont worry, it will be announced before.
If the lottery is open, write "!lottery-join" to Headless Everlike or join the "Lottery Channel" channel to buy a ticket.
A ticket will cost 200 Evercoins, after a few minutes, the lottery will be closed.
After the lottery has been closed the winner(s) will get the jackpot, winners get poked and all winners are shown in the "Lottery" channel description.


The shop is a great feature and way to spend your gained or won Evercoins.
To check out what´s in the shop just write "!shop" to Headless Everlike, there you see a list with all available items.
If you have enough Evercoins, just write "!buy id" and replace id with the id of the item or simply the the channel of an item you want to buy.
You can see all your bought items in your descrition.