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Everlike´s Teamspeak³

The Teamspeak for You and your Friends!

About Us

Everybody is welcome here, get to know new people, or talk to your friends.

Private Channels

We offer free private channels so nobody can annoy you!

512 Slots

Enough space for you and your friends.
We are waiting for you!

Powerful Server

We offer a lagfree communication and the highest possible uptime!


We have many special and unique features to make things easier for you.

Reward System

We have a komplex reward system on our teamspeak server. You get coints for just being online, you can get daily rewards & co. You can either flex with your gained coins or spend them on different ranks with a variety of rights.

Private Channels

Just join the channel "join to create your private channel" and our bot will create you a permanent private (password secured) channel, move you in, and give you channeladmin-rights. It will be deleted if you let it unused for 3 days.

Pizza Timer

Write "!pizza 10" to Headless Everlike and 10 minutes later, he will remind you of your pizza. You can vary the number to the time you need (in minutes).

Active Admins

We always try to give you the best support possible, we choose our moderators cautiously to offer you a professional support if you should need help sometimes.

Features explained more detailed


News and changes


We moved our server, please do as already mentioned in older news connet to ts.everlike.de, this will always direct you to Everlike´s Teamspeak³. We have now way more slots (512). You and your friends are welcome! Most of the old features are still active, and we got great new features, just as a coin system, faction system, Lottery and more. You can spend your coins on rights & ranks, check it out!

27.07.2018 - AFK-mover removal

Due to complaints and suggestions of our users, we temporarily removed the afk-mover. It´s not sure if it will come back, and if so, we may change something.

10.01.2018 - Contact Mail

If you should have questions, problems, ideas, you cant connect or are banned for some reason, you can write a mail to admin@everlike.de which is from now on the official mail.

04.01.2018 - New teamspeak ip "ts.everlike.de"

We now got an new domain you can use to connet to Everlike´s Teamspeak³, "ts.everlike.de". Its way easier to remember.

Unser Team

The following is our admin & moderator-team, if you have questions or problems, don´t hesitate to write them.



Owner / Administrator



Head Moderator



Content Creator